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“Hi Cris....just a quick note to tell you how much we enjoyed the Portland event!  It was well organized, friendly and lots of fun!  It's obvious that you and your team really enjoy what you do. Everyone was so happy, friendly and accommodating...you are to be commended.  I know from experience it's not easy to keep that many people happy!”  Kathy S

“Our group had such a great time, thanks to you guys....you are the BEST!  We haven't stopped talking and laughing about the weekend since we got back…”  Jan C

“I wanted take a moment to express my extreme gratitude for a spectacular weekend you hosted.It was a great experience and by far exceeded my expectations!  Everyone was so nice and accommodating...I could not have asked for a better bunch of ladies to share the weekend with! I look forward to many weekends in the future to spend with all of you...”Kim S

“Thanks so much for all the work you and the girls do to put together such awesome scrapbooking weekends. My friends and I have gone on several others, and we have all agreed that yours are the best! “ Lyn D


"Thanks again for a fabulous weekend. Can't wait til the next one!"

Kerri from NH


“We had a GREAT time this weekend, Cris.   I am amazed at how productive I was even with all the messing around (shopping, gabbing, etc.).  Loved the BINGO game!  Loved the set up!    Loved the food!  Loved all of it!  Thank you.  Can't wait to do another Cool Crop!” 

Nancy from NH
“Table size, and you guys! You went above and beyond to make sure I had something to eat with my crazy … diet. You are also very friendly I did not feel out of place or uncomfortable at all even though this was my first weekend crop. I also like being able to pick what prizes I want to have a chance to win. I would much rather have a chance to win something nice than get mismatched paper that other places hand out.” 

Katie from CT

“Everything was wonderful.  Great time, Great girls, and most importantly GREAT HOSTS. It was a pleasure to be in your company.”
Kathy from MA

“Your personalities and how much you made us feel special, like it truly was "our weekend"!  Also, earning Cool Crops $$ was fun.  Taking chances on different prizes, but not having to pay out our "real" money was a treat and a lot of fun.  It made the chance of winning better since no one could out spend you buying tickets.  Everyone had the same opportunities to earn the tickets.”

Jill from CT


“(I loved)…Relaxed feeling of the weekend.  No stress, no high pressure selling.”

Audrey from MA


"Just wanted to tell all you gals what fun we all had at the crop that Cris Quinn did this past weekend in Haverhill, MA. Laughter and good food, great company, prizes and the best of times were all had. Please be sure to sign up if you get a chance to go to any of her crops. Cris takes the best of care to be sure that everyone is happy! We even had two birthday cakes and a few funny games to play. She is awesome!! I will definitely be at the next one…"

Kathy in Northern NH

"Had a fantastic time-so much so that we hope that you include Thursday…"

Crystal from Central CT

"Deb and I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of our heart for creating such a nice cropping experience for us. We truly enjoyed each and every detail that you put into the success of the weekend. You are a very talented individual, honest, open minded and very fair. It shows by the quality of friends that are invited and attend your crop along with the way you feel when someone is left out. You make the weekend fun, social, special and relaxing by just being you!"

Crystal from Central CT

"I can't tell you how excited I am/was about the weekend! It was so much fun, I learned so much and all the woman there were so helpful!! Thank you for including me!"

Noreen from New Hampshire

"What a way to spend a weekend. It was a blast! We all have great ideas and are so willing to share them....SCRAPBOOKING ROCKS!"

Chris from New Hampshire

"Thank you for making my first ever scrap booking experience so a great one. I really had a wonderful time…"

Jodi from NH

"Thanks so much for a great weekend! I had a wonderful time and you and Cara are great hostesses!"

Lisa S from New Hampshire

"I must say that I have been to LOTS of Crops and weekends away… and you are the best!! You go out of your way to make sure we all have a good time (which is hard with a group of women) and yet you always stay cheerful and positive. Thank you for doing this and I look forward to many more crops with this wonderful group of women. That's the other thing....this is a GREAT bunch of gals!!! I can't wait to see them again!"

Deb from New Hampshire

"THANK YOU so much for such a fun, productive weekend. I really enjoyed it and the "boys" loved the book!"

Linda from Massachusetts

"I wanted to thank you for a great weekend! We had a lot of fun. Everyone is so nice and helpful and fun. Look forward to seeing you in March"

Sue from CT

"Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend. I am new to the weekend scrapbooking getaways and this truly was a great experience for me. Not only am I addicted to scrapbooking now, but I am definitely addicted to these weekends with all of you. It's so inspiring to be part of a group of women who not only enjoy each others company, but also express their creativity with so much laughter, fun and willingness to share. You guys know exactly how to organize an event - not only that - but you also treat everyone in such a warm and friendly way. I can't wait to be part of the weekends over this year!"

Ginay from MA

"Thank you, for a "funtastic" time. The weekends are my favorite for sure!"

Vickie from NH

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