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The Story of Cool Crops

First and foremost we are avid – well no, actually, addicted scrapbookers. We started out ten years ago like most everyone with simple pages, paper and stickers. Over the years our pages have evolved and continue to. Eclectic would be the best way to describe our scrapbooking style.

After four years of running smaller events with rave reviews closer to our homes we decided to take our concept "on the road”. I believe there are three main reasons we love getting away to scrapbook:

  1. Uninterrupted time to scrapbook
  2. Contagious creativity
  3. Socializing

We also believe that when we are at a retreat weekend there are a few elements that set those good weekends apart from the Ultimate ones!!

  • Space is always a top priority
  • An environment that encourages sharing and creativity
  • Comfortable accommodations and great food at a reasonable cost
  • FREE stuff is always cool too!


Cris DeMartino lives in New Hampshire. She has two wonderful daughters, and two even more adorable grand babies! Began Scrapbooking over 16 years ago and really enjoys the social aspect of the weekend crops. Likes to scrap everything from simple, and sweet quick pages to more elaborate ones that involve distressing and all the embellishments she can find! Humbly loves trying new things and meeting other scrapbookers who are so much more creative. Cris says that scrapping at home is not nearly as much fun as scrapping with 50 or more amazing women for a full weekend!!

A Message from Cris…

Cool Crops was started after some thoughtful days trying to decide what I wanted to do when I grew up. I needed to find something I would be passionate about. I had been out of the workforce for about 6 years and the thought of going back to a full time desk job while my kids are in middle and high school was not my first choice. I wanted to find something I loved doing that wouldn’t take too much time away from my girls.

I have attended many crops all over the country over the past several years. I have also held smaller crops for the past 4 years – usually between 30-50 people. Year after year we have had rave reviews from all of our attendees. People loved our attention to detail and how everyone was treated as someone special. I had also been listening to my fellow scrapbookers and could tell they weren’t all that excited about some of their weekend crop experiences. So……….Cool Crops was born!


Cara Duchnowski lives in Clinton, MA with her husband Dennis, her two children, Jarrid & Lindsay, and her cat Chloe. Started Scrapbooking about 15 years ago and has really enjoyed learning about all the great products and techniques out there. Her style has evolved from very basic pages to now designing layouts and projects for our weekends. Cris and Cara have been friends for more than 26 years and love getting away to do these weekends together.


A Message from Cara....

"I never imagined how rewarding running these Scrapbook Weekends would be.  Not only do we have continued, loyal customers, these customers have become our friends. I look forward each and every time to seeing our old friends as well as making new ones. It's all of you that make Cool Crops so COOL!"


Our Mission:

You lose something when the events are too big. We will keep our events under 100 attendees and we will strive to meet each and every person over the course of the weekend. We will include our classes in the registration fee. Competing for classes stinks! We love that everyone who wants to take a class will be able to. We also promise our classes will include new techniques and cool new instructors with unique ideas. We will always offer the Thursday evening early bird option...maybe someday we’ll be starting on MONDAY!

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